Token Generation Event (TGE)


TGE Date

We are not launching the OWNED token at the time of platform launch. We will first release the NFTs and initial set of games on the platform. With this, we intend to build a strong community and a good user base on the platform.

Once we have a large enough community/user base in place, we will release the OWNED token. The intent is to ensure that there is enough demand for the token that necessitates its creation in the first place. Based on our projections, TGE should be in Q4 2022.

Token at Platform Launch

  • Minting - Buyers will be able to mint NFTs using USDC, USDT, MATIC and ETH on the Polygon Network.

  • Platform Currency - For any action on the platform, including but not limited to breeding, game entry fees and purchasing NFTs; USDC will be transaction token. However, players will be able to add funds to the platform using USDC, USDT, MATIC and ETH (the platform will convert them to USDC).

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