Crypto Fantasy

Gameplay and its objectives.
Markets are fascinating. They seem to follow a trend, but they seldom do. The collective euphoria or the fear of the masses seems predictable, but it rarely is.
The true champions (or the Know all of the Crypto markets) are a rare find.
Crypto Fantasy is a battleground of champions — an arena to showcase the true knowledge of crypto. Create a team of 5 Cryptonites which will go up in value, compete and win huge rewards.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to create a winning team of 5 Cryptonites which will gain the maximum number of points within a specified period of time. Points will be awarded to each Cryptonite of the team based on the performance of the underlying crypto in the real world.
Crypto Fantasy Team
For example — If you have a BTC Cryptonite in your team, the points the BTC Cryptonite gains will depend on the price of the BTC coin in the real world. It is a game of skill and financial optimization with a little bit of luck. Put simply, it is as engaging as Catan, yet as rewarding as real-world crypto trading.