Winner Takes All (WTA) Contests

So you're thinking of joining a Winner Takes All contest in Crypto Fantasy, huh? Awesome! Get ready for some serious competition because in this game, 5-6 players will battle it out, and only the team with the most points at the end of the game takes home all the winnings.

How to Enter a Winner Takes All Contest?

To enter a Winner Takes All contest, you'll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a League: First, you'll need to choose the League you want to participate in. Just like H2H contests, WTA contests are available throughout the day across all slots, and in all the leagues.

  2. Find a Contest: Once you've selected your League, you'll need to find a Winner Takes All contest that you'd like to join. You can join a contest where the opponent has already lined up their team or be the first to create a team.

  3. Enter the Contest: After you've found a Winner Takes All contest that you'd like to join, you'll need to enter the contest by paying the entry fee. The entry fee for Winner Takes All contests can vary from 500CC to 2kCC and the rewards vary from 2.25k-10.8k depending on the entry fee and number of participants.

  4. Set Your Lineup: Once you've entered the contest, you'll need to set your lineup. You'll need to select the Cryptonite NFTs you want on your team, taking into account their projected market performance and points.

  5. Submit Your Lineup: After you've set your lineup, you'll need to submit it before the contest starts. Once the contest starts, you'll be able to track your progress against your opponent in real time in the Leaderboard.

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