But how much will I win? Do I need to pay for playing in Crypto Fantasy?

Pay to Play

Each player can enter the game by paying a small entry fee depending on the type of League and Contest.

Winning Zone - In the Mega Contests, the Top 85% ranks of all participants will win rewards.(ex: If 100 players are in any game, the top 85 players will be in the winning zone).


We are finally here on the most important partโ€” How much money can you make? :)

OWN Cryptoverse has differential rewards for OWNers (players who own at least 1 NFT) and non-OWNers.

Letโ€™s take a quick look at the rewards in the Crypto Fantasy game. Players who end in the top 85% in any game will earn some cool rewards. There are 4 things a player can earn by playing Crypto Fantasy:

$USDC Rewards (Crypton Credits)

Have you ever spent time playing the cool web3 games, only to earn sh**coins? Well, we have too. And it is frustrating, to say the least. So, we donโ€™t give sh**coin rewards.

Players get rewards in Crypton Credits pegged to stable coins in the OWN Cryptoverse.

1,000 Crypton Credits = 1 $USDC

Raffle Tickets

Owners -> 2 raffle tickets for participation per OWNed NFT and 2 raffle tickets per NFT for landing in the winning zone.

Non-Owners -> 1 raffle ticket for participation per OWNed NFT and 1 raffle ticket per NFT for landing in the winning zone. The remaining tickets per NFT are sent to the OWNer of the NFT.

For eg: If you OWN all 5 NFTs, you will get 10 tickets for participation and 10 for landing in the winning zone.

Experience Points (XP)

Cash, Genesis NFTs and Raffle tickets provide an immediate reward for playing the game. Apart from these items, each Cryptonite used in the gameplay will earn Experience Points (XP). These XP level up the Cryptonite. Higher levels unlock larger rewards on the platform. Here is how the XP system works for Crypto Fantasy:

  • Participation XP = 15 points for each cryptonite

  • Game XP = 3% of Team Score* for each cryptonite

(*If the team score is (-ve) 0 Game XP will be assigned to the cryptonites)

Generally, a Cryptonite would gain anywhere between 25โ€“30 XP per game. Check out one of our articles for more detail on the XP system.

We are all set now to compete and win !!

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