Rollover Teams

Details of the feature with FAQs


A rollover team is a team that can be used across multiple games one after the other.

With Rollover Teams, you can build the ultimate dream team and use it every day without having to worry about submitting it. Our system will take care of submitting it automatically 1 hour before the game starts.

If you know a winning combination, you can essentially create a template and enable Rollover Teams.

Additionally, you can edit your team anytime before the submission, so you can still adjust your strategy and crush the competition!

How to Create Rollover Teams

When selecting your team for Crypto Fantasy, in the last step when you’re choosing the power-ups just before team creation, there is a toggle option to “Make team into a Rollover Team”.

Simply toggle the option to the right, click 'Enter Team' and you’re set. You have now used to a new, powerful roll-over team feature and you do not need to worry about missing daily team submission deadlines anymore!

Pro-Tip: You can create multiple roll-over teams, in fact, 5 teams per league. This means you can submit multiple teams with different game strategies to capitalise on the market movements. For example, you create 1 bear market team, 1 bull market team and 1 evergreen team without volatile tokens.


  1. What are the advantages of creating a Rollover Team?

  • Hassle-free

  • Higher earning potential

  • Can edit anytime

  • Create teams with different strategies that can win

  1. Can anyone create a Rollover Team?

Yes, anyone can create a Rollover Team as long as you have ownership of at least 3 NFTs. With 3 NFTs, you can create a Rollover Team in the League of Rares or the League of Epics.

  1. Can I use borrowed NFTs in my Rollover Team?

No, you can’t use borrowed NFTs in your Rollover Team. All NFTs need to be owned to use this feature.

  1. What sort of team should I create as a Rollover Team?

You can create your strongest team or the one which is evergreen and consistently wins as your Rollover Team. While any team can be made into a Rollover Team, this would be an optimal strategy.

  1. When will my team get submitted?

Your team will be automatically submitted 1 hour before the standard team creation end time. This is PM IST for the 4 PM slot and 9 PM IST for the 10 PM slot.

  1. Can I edit my Rollover Team?

Yes, you can edit your Rollover Team anytime before the team submission window mentioned above.

  1. Can I use NFTs that I have listed for selling or have lent out to create Rollover Teams?

No, you cannot use NFTs that you have listed for selling or have lent out (even if not being used). You must unlist, and recall NFTs if you wish to use them in your Rollover Teams. In case, you decide to edit your team, the NFTs you have removed from the team can then be listed /lent out on the marketplace.

  1. What is the most amount of Rollover Teams that a user can create?

You can create up to 5 teams in each of the Leagues. As long as you have enough owned NFTs, you can create 35 teams in the mega contests across 2 slots. (Link to the slots page)

  1. Under what circumstances does the Rollover Team submission fail?

Rollover team submissions fail in case you do not have:

  • At least 3/5 NFTs owned in your wallet depending on the league

  • Enough CC in your OWN wallet for the game fee. Once you top-up, the team gets submitted automatically from the next relevant slot.

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