How to use Prediction?

How to play?

Use your market knowledge or gut feeling to predict if the cryptocurrency token price will go up or down in the near future. Get it right and youโ€™ll collect a share of the roundโ€™s prize pool!

Selecting a token to predict

Prediction offers four separate prediction markets for every player to choose from. You can play based on the price of Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bitcoin (BTC) or Sandbox (SAND).

Making a prediction for the next round

The Prediction page shows quite a bit of information. Predictions operate in 5-minute rounds. Make your prediction before a round goes live to join in.

Checking the timer

To enter a round of Prediction, you'll want to check how long is left in the current round. You'll find the timer in the top-left area.

If the timer is too low your prediction may not confirm in time, so check there's still plenty of time left before you make a prediction (30 seconds should be plenty, but give yourself more time if you're following along with this guide).

Predicting the next round

When you're sure you have enough time, you can place your prediction for the next round.

You'll see a green UP button and a red DOWN button. Click UP if you want to predict a rise in price, and click DOWN if you want to predict a drop in price.

Each will have different 'odds'. The odds will change over time as the "Prize Pool" increases depending on people's predictions. The Prize Pool is shown just beside the buttons on the left.

Selecting an NFT

Once you've selected the position (Up or Down) that you wish to take, a new window will open. In the window, you'll see the list of NFTs in your wallet that you can choose for your prediction.

Your reward also gets boosted depending on the rarity and XP of your NFT.

  • Rarity Bonus

  • XP Bonus - Each level provides an incremental bonus of 0.5% in the gameplay.

Your total bonus is shown beside each NFT.

Bet Amount

A minimum of $1 USDC is required to participate in a round. You may however increase your bet by adding custom amounts.

When your entered round is live

A live round will last for 5 minutes. You can watch the price update during the 5 minutes if you'd like.

You cannot change your prediction during a live round, however. You are locked into your prediction from earlier.

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