Prediction Leaderboard

8-hour Leaderboards of Top Betters in Prediction
In addition to the winnings that players get from the Prediction pots, those who have won at least 5 games are eligible for rewards.
All those who meet the minimum eligibility criteria of 5 wins are then ranked based on the total number of wins. In case two players have the same number of wins, their Winning Percentage is considered.
Winning Percentage = Number of Wins/ Total Number of Pots Played
The top 3 in the Leaderboard win 2k Crypton Credits each while ranks 4-10 get 1k Crypton Credits as rewards.
The leaderboard gets refreshed every 8 hours:
  • 12 am UTC (5:30 am IST)
  • 8 am UTC (1:30 pm IST)
  • 4 pm UTC (9:30 pm IST)