Welcome to the guide for the OWN Ludo game! With this game included, we have launched six games that players can enjoy on the OWNGames App. This is the only game that is restricted to the App and cannot be played on the Web.

What is Ludo?

Ludo is a strategy board game for 2-4 players, in which the players race their four pegs from start to finish according to the roll of the dice. You roll the dice to move your peg along the board. The element of strategy comes in because you can also kill your opponent's pegs to send them back to start if you can land on the same tile as them. There are a few safe spaces ( marked on board with a star) to keep your pegs safe from getting killed.

The objective is to get all 4 of your pegs home. The first player to do this wins!

What is OWN Ludo?

The current version of OWN Ludo has a two-player mode. Do not worry, the 4-player mode will be launching very soon. Unlike most games though, we have a time limit where each game lasts only 7 minutes which we call the Rush Mode.

To get started with OWN Ludo, you first need to choose one out of 4 colours on the board - Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Each colour is represented by a Peg Master. Peg Master is a new feature introduced in our game. They are our OWN Cryptonite NFTs. They can either be borrowed or if you already own a Cryptonite, they can be used in the game directly. The Peg Master helps in giving players their stats like games played, wins, kills and deaths. You can always exchange your current Peg Master with another one after each game.

Once you have chosen, you can choose to play in any 1 of the 3 Ludo pots. The entry fees are 100 CC, 250 CC and 500 CC. The table below will give you an idea of the prize distribution across each pot.

The winner wins the entire prize -pool amount but if the game is tied, the rewards are split equally between both players

You can play OWN Ludo with Bonus, Purchased and Winning CC. To bring in more elements of strategy, we have also introduced 4 different dice power-ups that players can use to win.

  • Odd or Even - This is a controlled dice throw power-up that ensures your dice will only roll an Odd or Even number. For example, If you choose an Odd power-up, the dice will roll the numbers 1,3 and 5 for the next move. Players using all 4 NFT rarities (Legendary Epic, Rare, Common) can use this power-up.

  • High or Low - This is a controlled dice throw power-up that ensures your dice will only roll a high or low. For example, If you use this power-up use the High power-up, and the dice will roll the numbers 4,5 or 6. Players using all 3 NFT rarities (Legendary Epic, Rare, can use this power-up. Players using a Common NFT cannot use this power-up) Note: You can use each power-up only once per game.

How to earn?

There are 2 ways to win at OWN Ludo.

The First method - Take all four of your pegs into your home base within the 7-minute time limit.

The Second method - is you gain more points than your opponent. For each move you make on the board, your peg gets points. So if you were to roll a 5, then 5 points are added to your scoreboard. Other ways to score high?

  • Killing your opponent's peg. This will deduct the number of points made by your opponentโ€™s peg. For example, if a peg had moved a total of 20 points and you then kill that peg, your opponent loses 20 points.

  • Get your peg home. For each peg that reaches home, you get 56 points. At the end of the 7 minutes, the one with the most points wins!

In conclusion, OWN Ludo is an exciting and fun game that allows you to win $1 per game if played with the right strategy. So what are you waiting for? Choose your Peg Master and let's get rolling!

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