Earn Raffle Tickets

How to get Raffle Tickets?

Raffle tickets can be earned via 2 modes:
  1. 1.
    Ownership of OWN NFTs
Ownership of NFTs is key in the OWN ecosystem. And rightly so, it is disproportionately rewarding. Raffle tickets will be given out to the NFT owners at every 6 hours interval (at 6:30 am UTC (12:00 noon IST), 12:30 am UTC (6:00 pm IST) and so on.. ). The number of tickets will be dependent on the rarity of the NFT and the total NFTs you hold in the OWN wallet.
Raffle Tickets for NFT Ownership
If you have borrowed NFTs for gameplay you would not be getting raffle tickets for ownership 🙃. Just like you earn rent from owning a property, you earn raffle tickets from owning OWN NFTs.
2. Participation in OWN games
Participation in OWN games (and not just winning) can win you tons of raffle tickets. For every team you submit in the Crypto Fantasy, at the end of the league you will win 10 tickets for participation. You will get 10 more tickets if you end up in the winning zone on the leaderboard for that particular league.
If you play with OWNed NFTs or Borrowed NFTs the raffle tickets for participation and winning in crypto fantasy will remain the same