Raffle Rewards

Coming to the important question of "What can i actually get in raffle rewards?" but actually let me speak a bit about how the rewards are distributed first.
What is a Raffle draw?
Raffle draw is the process through which the winning raffle tickets are selected. Raffle draws happen daily on the OWN platform at 9 AM IST and 9 PM IST. Every raffle ticket that you get already has its draw time mentioned on it. Generally, every ticket that you earn will participate in the next draw that happens on the platform.
Raffle Draw Count down on OWN platform
Once your raffle tickets take part in the raffle draw, the winning tickets will be displayed in your account but the non-winning tickets will automatically get discarded. You will have to manually claim reward from each winning ticket else the reward will get expired in 7 days.
Raffle Draw and the winning tickets
Reward Claim Experience
What can I win in a Raffle Draw?
All kinds of rewards (except winnings in specific games) will be given out through the raffle draws.
Being part of the OWN community and spending time on the platform should be rewarding.
You get raffle tickets for your participation in the ecosystem, each ticket giving you a chance to win a large reward. As the ecosystem grows, the rewards would just keep on getting bigger and better (who knows if you win a BAYC NFT through raffle reward someday 🍾)
500$ worth to rewards to be looted in each raffle draw
Here is what each item is:
  • $LFG (Life Gems) — Tokens used for Breeding. Check out this guide to know more about them — https://medium.com/one-world-nation/own-breeding-guide-part-1-adc353b2b58b
  • Cash Rewards in USDC — Will be given out from the Game Treasury
  • Genesis NFTs — A very limited giveaway of Genesis NFTs during the raffle. And they are incredibly powerful. Read more here.
  • Free Games — Play crypto fantasy games in the pro tier for free and stand a chance to earn up to $5000 in rewards.
In the future, the raffle draws would give out airdrops of $OWNED tokens, token and NFT rewards of other NFT projects, and gift cards from real-world platforms like Amazon, Netflix, etc. The raffle draw, just like everything else in the OWN ecosystem, will be shaped by the community vote.