"A man with money is no match against a man on a mission." - Doyle Brunson

Community-Led Creation

Develop a platform created by the community, for the community. Create substantial opportunities where every consumer would have an opportunity to become a producer to ensure a circular economy.

Easy Platform Accessibility

Develop tools (NFT Lending, tournament Sponsorships etc) on the platform that will ensure free to cheap onboarding of the next billion users onto the platform.

Seamless Product Experience

Create a consumer first product experience with intuitive workflows and user interactions across web and mobile. Create a Web3 product for mass adoption, something that does not need one to know the nuances of blockchain or permissionless wallets for example, to use it effectively.

Create a Sustainable Economy

Build tokenomics, NFT utilities and business models to ensure long term sustainability of the economy. Design the economy to enable a predictable value creation for all market participants in the economy.

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