Earning Opportunities

Various ways of making money in the Cryptoverse

There will be multiple Earning opportunities in the gameplay both as consumers & producers.

Free to Play to Earn format

In this, a person will need to have a minimum number of Crypto Warriors required to play a game. There will be weekly prizes & based on the leaderboard the person will get a chance to earn real money & NFT drops.

Pay to Play to Earn format

There will be games where an entry fee will be required. This fee will be pooled into a smart contract. Once the game ends, this pooled money will be distributed to the players. The Instant settlement will be done for all these games.


Just like real world creatures, the Crypto Warriors can be bred to create an offspring. The offspring will have some attributes from its parents, and some of the attributes will be randomly assigned to it. Collect them to increase the size of your NFT ensemble or sell them in the market to make some money.

Player NFTs

Players who are performing well in games can release their own Tokens. These player tokens can be bought by other people & depending on the player's performance the token price will vary. The details of this will be revealed during the launch of the Player Tokens.

Organizer NFTs

Participants with a good network can earn an organizer NFT. This will give them an opportunity to invite their community and host games for them on the platform. They can set a custom entry fee and define their own rules for these games.


On staking of Platform tokens the participants will be eligible for staking rewards.

Future Earning Opportunities

  • More Play to Earn games

  • Creating NFTs and selling on the platform.

  • Creating Games on the platform & Monetising them.

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