Games in the Cryptoverse on Crypton

โ€‹โ€‹The OWN Cryptoverse will evolve in 3 distinct phases, in line with the evolution of the Crypto ecosystem. During each phase, players can play interesting games, earn a lot of crypto rewards & learn more about the crypto ecosystem.

Phase 1: Introduction of Cryptos - Proof of Play

In the phase, we have personified cryptos into super awesome characters called Cryptonites. Each Cryptonite will be a unique NFT. People can collect, play & earn using these NFTs.

Also, similar to the Proof of Work concept used to mint Bitcoin, we will be using a novel concept called Proof of Play. Here the players will participate in different activities to be able to mint Breeding tokens. These breeding tokens can be used to breed new Cryptonite NFTs.

Phase 2: Gamification of the Crypto Markets

In the phase, we will introduce games around the Crypto Markets. One of the first games, is a crossover of Sorare & Crypto markets. Imagine creating a team of your favourite Cryptonites and battling it out against the world.

The Second game on the platform will be based on Predictions. Tell us how your Cryptonite is going to perform in the market today & earn great prizes!

The third game will be Cryptonite Racing. Imagine Zed Run for Cryptonites โ€” a racing simulation game based on live Crypto markets data & Cryptonite properties.

Phase 3: Gamification of DeFi

In this phase, the platform will transition into a 3D world of โ€œCryptonโ€. We would gamify DeFi and remove all kinds of unnecessary complex UI, terminologies, processes. Solid game mechanics will help people understand Defi very quickly.

So these DeFi games will be built on the skeleton of Farming games. By playing Farming games the player can understand different Defi concepts, stake tokens & Earn APYs.

At this stage, the platform will take its true identity of being a Cryptoverse.

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