Gamified Crypto Markets

Fun without FUD

Clash of Cryptonites

Build a squad of 5 Cryptonites, enter a league and win big rewards. Imagine Sorare for Cryptocurrencies. This gameplay will have the following features:

  • Players need to collect various Cryptonites (BTC, ETH, SOL etc)

  • Create a team of 5 Cryptnoites, which is equivalent to creating a portfolio of 5 Cryptocurrencies

  • Enter into various leagues on the platform and compete with others

  • Winners on the leaderboard get Crypto rewards

  • As a Cryptonite takes part in various leagues, they will become stronger by levelling up which will lead to higher chances of winning the league.

Cryptonite Tug of War

A gamified version of Prediction - the Cryptonites will compete in a Tug of war. This is similar to the Price direction predictor games, where you predict whether the price will go up or down in the next 10 minutes. There will be 2 versions of the predictor:

  • Direction Predictor - Bring your Cryptonite and put it in a pot of that clan (Example - Participate in the ETH clan pot). Predict whether the price will go up, go down or stay flat in the next 5 minutes. Earn real crypto on the right prediction.

  • X vs Y - Bring your Cryptonite and stand with your brothers to compete against a Cryptonite Clan (Example - ETH clan Vs SOL clan). Whichever clan goes up more in the next 5 minutes, wins the pot.

Cryptonite Racing

Build your unique Cryptonite, race them in a simulation game and win big rewards. The Cryptonites will race against each other to see who will be the fastest of them all. This will be a racing simulation game where the algorithm will take data from real-world crypto markets and the inherent property of the Cryptonite. Imagine Zed-run but for Crypto markets. The Race result will depend on 2 main factors:

  • Intrinsic properties of the Cryptonite: Rarity level, Clan of Cryptonite, Generation of the Cryptonite & the levelling up score of Cryptonites.

  • Extrinsic property: Price moment of the Crypto in real-time markets.

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