Proof of Play

Play to Breed

Breeding Coin

At OWN, the platform will only release 3200 Genesis NFTs per Cryptonite Clan. The rest of the NFTs will be generated by the platform users. Hence, the population growth of NFTs on the platform will be controlled by the NFT owners.

New NFTs on the platform will come via Breeding of Cryptonites. For the breeding purpose, along with 2 Cryptonites, a Breeding coin (ERC-20) will also be required.

How will the Breeding coins be generated?

Breeding coins will be generated at regular intervals using a unique Proof of Play Concept. In Proof of Play, โ€˜Playโ€™ is where the player will spend time playing mini-games on the platform and the โ€˜Proofโ€™ is that a particular player has won the game.

Mapping this with the Proof of Work concept, the Proof of Play concept will have the following framework:

  • Any player who has an NFT in his wallet will be eligible to take part in Proof of Play.

  • Players will play mini-games and win raffle tickets.

  • The winners of the raffles will get breeding coins (along with other rewards).

  • The supply of Breeding coins will be controlled by the Demand / Supply curve. If demand is more than Supply then the Breeding coins generated per block will increase & vice-versa.

Games in Proof of Play

In the beginning, only Raffle will be introduced. The number of Raffle tickets a player gets will depend on the number of NFTs he has and the rarity level of the NFTs.

In the future, there will be a series of Mini-games. These games will be Casual or Hyper-casual. The major categories of games will be Puzzle, word games, Match 3 etc. The players will play these games with the objective of coming on top of the leaderboard. As per the leaderboard, they will be given Raffle tickets. The number of raffle tickets given out will be proportionate to the rank on the leaderboard. A higher rank equals a greater number of raffle tickets. The winners of the raffle will get breeding coins.

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