The assets of Crypton - Creatures and Land

NFTs will form the basis of economic transactions in the Cryptoverse. To ensure the value of the NFTs increase over a period of time, more utilities will be added progressively.

We are building the platform with NFT interoperability in mind. A series of games will come on the platform where the same NFTs can be used. This will increase the overall utility of the NFT.


One World Nation (OWN) is a cryptoverse where people can have fun & earn using their favourite cryptos. To achieve this, we have personified real-world cryptos into different alien creatures. Think of a fierce ETH creature or its arch nemesis, a SOL creature. These “crypto creatures” are the native species of the cryptoverse and are called Cryptonites.

Each Cryptonite is a NFT that is visually unique & possesses unique powers. Each Cryptonite has a set of unalterable genetic attributes and a set of upgradable skills. Play Crypto market games, build your Crypto clan & earn Cryptos without the fear of losing money!


Post the gamification of the Crypto markets we will gamify the Defi ecosystem. Once the user comes into Crypto markets, transitioning into Defi space is not easy. Therefore, we will gamify the entire Defi ecosystem. We will achieve this by building interesting games around Farming. Therefore, the next set of NFTs will be around Land sales where the user can buy them and set up their own Defi Farms. The user will also be able to monetize his land in various ways.

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