Personified Crypto Creatures - native species of Crypton

In the OWN cryptoverse, crypto coins/tokens will take a living form and co-exist with each other. Each Crypto coin/token will be represented by a clan of Crypto creatures called Cryptonites. Think of a clan of ancient BTC cryptonites or a clan of fierce ETH Cryptotnites.

Genesis Cryptonites

Each Crypto clan will start with its founders, a Genesis Collection of 3200 NFTs of that clan. So, a BTC clan or an ETH clan will have only 3200 Genesis NFTs ever. As founders of the clan, they will have certain unique powers and utilities , available only to them.

The Pre-launch sale will consist of Genesis NFTs of 12 Crypto clans. A total of 400 Genesis NFTs will be launched per Cryptonite clan, amounting to a total of 4,800 genesis NFTs sold in Phase 1.

Rarity (Power) Level

Within each Crypto clan, there can be Cryptonites at 4 distinct power levels. The more powerful a Cryptonite, the rarer they are; just like in the real world. Rarer (or more powerful) Cryptonites have distinct advantages in gameplay, win higher rewards and have a greater chance of earning Cryptos.

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