One World Nation (OWN)

Welcome to the Cryptoverse. Play, Earn and Build a Crypto Civilisation.

At One World Nation (OWN) we are gamifying the Crypto ecosystem to push the Crypto space forward. People can play fun games around crypto markets, earn a lot of rewards & learn more around crypto during this process.

We have spent many hours explaining the Crypto ecosystem to our colleagues, friends and family members and it was tough! Crypto native concepts like — DeFi, wallets, APYs, etc. are not very intuitive for people. So for a new user, the crypto journey becomes too overwhelming. This becomes even more difficult due to a lot of FUD associated with Cryptos in general. Anyone who is into Crypto faces the ‘Trilemma of Crypto Markets’

  • The Good: A lot of money can be made in the Markets

  • The Bad: Difficult to learn how to make money in Crypto Markets

  • The Ugly: Very Easy to Lose a lot of money in the Crypto Markets

At OWN, we want to change this Trilemma into an opportunity by gamifying the Crypto ecosystem. Gamification helps people easily understand complex products and it creates a fun and smooth experience for them. At OWN we believe that we will change the way people feel about the Crypto Ecosystem and make it easier for them to accelerate their journey in the Crypto world.

We are building a FUD-less world of Crypto for Crypto lovers and we call it ‘Cryptoverse’.

How are we building the Cryptoverse?

OWN Cryptoverse is set up on a planet called Crypton. It is a world where your favourite crypto-coins come to life. Imagine if Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc. were represented by a Warrior - Cryptonite. Where each Cryptonite has a backstory, aspiration & a reason for existence. Each Cryptonite will have a superpower and abilities which will make them unique from others.

These Cryptonites can breed with each other and hence a new civilisation of Cryptonite will flourish on planet Crypton.

The Cryptoverse will also have interesting games like Fantasy, Prediction, Cryptonite racing linked to Crypto Markets. The players can collect these Cryptonites, play these games on the platform and earn money.

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